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  • What are examples of Alternative Investments?
    Alternative investments are non-traditional investment vehicles that go beyond stocks and bonds. Examples of alternative investments include private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities, structured products, and venture capital. At VARIO, we specialize in providing personalized investment advisory services that encompass a range of alternative investments to diversify our clients' portfolios and potentially enhance returns. Our team of experienced advisors carefully evaluate and recommend alternative investments based on our clients' financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, working towards creating a well-rounded investment strategy tailored to each client's unique needs.
  • How does Vario structure tax-free retirement accounts?
    If you have an existing 401k or IRA, our team will help you move those funds to a self-directed account that allows for alternative investments. If you do not have an existing 401k or IRA, we will have a conversation to determine what strategy and account type will work best for you. There are no age or income restrictions and all of our solutions are customized to each individual investor. Next we will determine what note and rate of return works best for you as a Vario investor. This is when you will be able to opt-in to the tax-free advantage program. Our team will determine a customized strategy to help you navigate capital gains taxes at no additional cost. Vario’s high class investing experience is second to none. All you have to do now is collect a monthly payout and we will hand you a check to give to the IRS at the end of every year.
  • When I invest with VARIO, what account are the funds held in?
    NuView Trust is Vario's self directed IRA custodian. When you invest with Vario, you will have an account with NuView.
  • Could you explain the concept of a self-directed IRA?
    A self-directed IRA functions much like a traditional IRA, with one significant difference: you're not restricted to investing solely in the stock market. Instead, you have the freedom to invest in a wide range of assets of your choosing. While still benefiting from the same tax advantages as a traditional IRA, you have the flexibility to diversify your portfolio by allocating funds to unique alternative assets like real estate or private lending opportunities. This opens up a world of investment possibilities beyond conventional stocks and bonds, allowing you to tailor your portfolio to better align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • What is private credit, and how does VARIO incorporate it into its investment advisory services?
    Private credit refers to non-bank loans extended to private companies or borrowers, typically outside of the public market. VARIO specializes in alternative investment advisory, including private credit, as part of our comprehensive investment strategy. We work with our clients to identify and invest in opportunities within the private credit market, which can offer higher yields and diversification benefits compared to traditional fixed income investments. Our team conducts thorough due diligence to assess the credit quality of potential investments, seeking to provide our clients with attractive risk-adjusted returns. By incorporating private credit into our investment advisory services, VARIO aims to enhance our clients' portfolios with unique and compelling opportunities in the alternative investment space. Some examples of private credit strategies include: Direct lending – lending to performing operating businesses secured by business equity/cashflows Real estate – to real estate projects/developers Infrastructure - to infrastructure projects Distressed – to companies in difficulty Asset based - to business secured by assets (e.g. airplanes) rather than business-generated cashflows as in direct lending Trade finance - to support trade in goods Structured credit - lending with tranching of credit risk Speciality finance - lending to support e.g. consumer credit or peer-to-peer platforms Venture debt - to early-stage companies
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